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Happy elderly group discussing how Adapt Ome Solutions takes care of their homes so they can age in place.

The majority of Americans ages 60+ hope to age-in-place in their current home for as long as possible. The truth is, that is often much easier said than done! A long list of safety, health, & logistical concerns must be considered. 


Our senior solutions provide the resources needed to create safe and manageable home environments. We understand that everyone is unique and every home has its challenges. The great news is that our services can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences!  

Omaha Senior Home Safety Specialist
Omaha Senior Real Estate Specialist
CAPS certified aging in place specialist.
National Aging In Place Council Member

ADAPT Home Solutions is dedicated to serving the Senior Community. We are the answer for families planning for a future of living the Golden Years at home. Our commitment to the aging population allows us to focus on the latest and greatest tools and resources in the industry. Review our list of Senior Specific Services and you will see how our unique approach is helping our clients ADAPT In Place!

Senior's use ADAPT Home Solutions to AGE IN PLACE

Did you know 85% of Seniors are not properly prepared to age in place?

Seniors become higher risk for fall-injuries as they experience changes in their eyesight, hearing, mobility, flexibility and balance.  One out of every three seniors fall each year resulting in serious injuries such as hip fractures and head trauma leading to hospitalization, long-term disability and hefty medical expenses. Some seniors are not able to return home at all!

Most falls occur due to tripping hazards, inadequate lighting or uneven and slippery surfaces to name a few. Unfortunately, falling becomes more common as you grow older and if you plan to age in place, it is very important to take precautions by having a home safety inspection performed to reduce the risks of life-changing and debilitating falls.  Our Senior Safety Specialists will perform a thorough Safety Assessment in and around your home, followed by a sit-down consultation to prepare a safety plan and offer recommended solutions.


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